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Maintaining Workplace Safety

There are many reasons why workplaces must have a drug and alcohol management program. These include... 

Workplace Safety 
  • One of the leading workplace safety risks is Drug and/or Alcohol use!
Legal Compliance We can assist you with your compliance obligations.
  • Workplaces have a "Duty of Care" to provide a safe workplace. 
  • Many industries have laws and regulations requiring effective Drug and Alcohol Mangement.
  • "Chain of responsibility" legislation can result in company officers being held directly accountable for serious workplace accidents.  
Moral Obligation
  • Drugs and Alcohol are one of the leading causes of workplace accidents, reduced productivity, workplace bullying, aggression and a range of misconduct matters that impact Organisational Culture, Safety and Security
  • Identifying people "At Risk" so they can be given help and assistance BEFORE an accident occurs is the right thing to do.
  • Building a strong workplace culture includes helping employees during thier time of need.
  • The financial return on investment includes:
    • increased safety and security
    • increased profitability
    • reduced misconduct including bullying and harassment
    • reduced staff turnover
    • increased productivity and 
    • a vibrant workplace culture.
Note: In Australia and New Zealand Pre-Emloyment Drug tests find more than one in every three new recruits fail a hair drug test indicating regular illicit drug use. Each of these illicit drug users cost employers over $60,000 per year in misconduct and reduced productivity. 

Drug & Alcohol Management Program

Brassets Group work with you to build a workplace drug and alcohol management program that meets your objectives and budgetary expectations. With the experience of implementing programs throughout the Asia Pacific region, from Large Multinational organisations and Government sectors, to small and medium entities, we have the experience, skills and capability to provide you with the very best advice and support.


We provide some services at "no charge" and those that we charge for are found to be among the most cost effective in the region. 

Brassets Group work with organisations that share similar values. Our drug and alcohol management programs are designed around education, support and risk based program design supported by the worlds leading laboratory services. Most organisations are surprised at how effortlessly a program is implemented with our assistance regardless of how complex or challenging the workplace environment may be.

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Policies and procedures are the heart of a drug & alcohol management program. Our experienced experts will guide you through the simple development and implementation of a robust and effective policy document.

Where stakeholder inclusion is required Brassets Group provide a range of specialist services including stakeholder engagement, education & mediation sessions, information phone lines and consultation expertise.

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A range of training and education options including:

  • Employee Drug & Alcohol Toolbox sessions
  • Manager & Supervisor training
  • Online employee education training: (Due for launch in our new education platform on December 2019)
    • Employee Drug and Alcohol module
    • Employee Fatigue Management module
    • Supervisor Drug and Alcohol module
    • Supervisor Fatigue Management module
    • Employee & their family Drug & Alcohol evening events 
Our training programs are interesting and informative with a focus on effecting attitudinal change towards a safety culture. 
We use a range of training tools including drug & alcohol simulation experiences and actual workplace scenarios. 
Our training programs are provided by recognised industry experts, are fun and interactive. 


We recommend organisations provide an amnesty period:

  • A safe period where employees can contact Brassets Group or other medical providers for help and assistance 
  • Helplines providing employees with an external source to discuss drug and alcohol matters confidentially with industry experts
  • Rehabilitation and support services to assist the employee where required
  • For employees with medication concerns, we address those concerns confidentially and professionally 
At Brassets Group we support these initiatives with a range of professional services.



The cost of employing a regular illicit drug user is over $60,000 per annum in lost productivity, increased accidents, increased workplace misconduct, absenteeism and the costs associated with rehabilitating or re-employing a replacement. (Contact our team for referenced material and white papers)

Pre-Employment screening allows prospective recruits advance notice of drug and alcohol tests, this enables those recruits with substance misuse issues the opportunity to easily defeat the traditional urine or saliva drug and alcohol test. A HAIR DRUG TEST is used for pre-employment screening because it virtually eliminates the chance of adulteration, this is why the drug detection rate is up to 15 times higher than traditional pre-employment testing methods.

Hair Drug testing for pre-employment identifies candidates that have regularly used illicit drugs over a 3 month period.

  •  During 2017 to 2019 over 33% of job applicants failed their pre-employment hair drug test, indicating regular illicit drug use
As well as Pre-Employment Drug and Alcohol screening Brassets Group can arrange:(through our industry partners)
  • Pre-Employment Medicals
  • Pre-Employment Muscular Skeletal checks (for manual labour positions)
  • Criminal History Background Checks
  • Executive background screening services (Provided by Brasets Group Investigatiopns Division)

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Medications can include Amphetamines, Opiates, Benzodiazepines and even Medical Marijuana. 

Some of these medications can show up in a drug test.

Some medications prescribed by an employees Doctor or purchased over the counter can create a workplace safety risk.

Brassets Group provide clear and precise policy and medication management programs to assist employees to stay safe at work, providing management teams with a clear and simple process to help ensure workers are safe whilst at work.

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Your drug and alcohol testing data can be accessible through our client portal. This enables you to manage your program effectively. As a program positively impacts workplace behaviour, testing frequencies and quantities can be adjusted reducing costs and ensuring your testing is a true "Risk Based Program". Accurate data and powerful reporting allows resources to be allocated to those branches or locations that require it most. 

The ability to identify whats happening at a glance ensures you are on top of your program and can produce complex data and reports at the click of a button. How effective is our DAMP program? how does our detection rates compare to last year... the last 5 years? What trends are identified so we can re-allocate resources to impact workplace safety? 

A powerful management portal is just the start of a robust "Safety Focussed" program.

All Drug and Alcohol testing methods have strengths and weaknesses. A well developed program takes advantage of all methods to provide the best outcome for employees and the safety program.

SALIVA - Similar detection time to Urine except for THC. Saliva is the least accurate method of detection and is easy to adulterate.

URINE - Very accurate but requires a toilet facility. It can be adulterated with advance notice of a test.

HAIR - Hair drug and alcohol testing is designed to detect regular illicit drug use (addictive behaviour) rather than one off use. Hair Drug testing is the best practice standard for Pre-Employment screening, Positive drug test management and Rehabilitation and return to work programs. It is virtually impossible to adulterate and identifies people with illicit drug problems.


Our data shows that employees with Drugs or Alcohol in their system have a significantly higher rate of workplace accidents and incidents

When incidents or accidents occur in the workplace drug and alcohol testing of those involved is standard procedure in most organisations. 

Brassets Group provide rapid response throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. Our DAMP programs provide an impressive call-out and response service that minimises the cost.



Brassets Group provide a range of services to help and support our clients teams. When an employee returns a Positive drug test result it can be the result of one of the following scenarios:

  • Prescription Medication has been identified
  • Medication Risk has been identified
  • Medication Misuse has been identified 
  • Illicit Drug use has been identified
We provide help and assistance to manage the situation including:

  • Additional testing to identify if the drug use was one off singular use, or regular use indicative of addiction behavior.
  • Medication management to ensure the worker is safe.
  • Referral to professional EAP, Rehabilitation and medical services as required.

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