Training and Education

Employee Training Programs

Our workplace safety training programs include:

  • Employee Drug and Alcohol Toolbox Sessions
    • A 30 minute, educational programs designed to effect attitudinal change to strengthen a safe and responsible workplace culture.
    • A 30 minute, DAMP implementation education session designed to inform employees and put to bed any concerns they may have.

  • Employee Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Harassment Session
    • A 30 minute toolbox session aimed at clarifying the boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable behaviours in the workplace. 

  • Employee and Family Drug and Alcohol evening events
    • A fun filled but educational session aimed at team building and involving employees and their familes. These sessions are run in an informative and action packed 50 minute session involving drug and alcohol simulation goggles and activites. These sessions help employees educate themselves and their children on the risks and impacts of illicit drug use. Often followed by a barbeque or light catering they have proven an enormous success with our clients.

  • Fatigue Management Toolbox Sessions
    • A 30 minute toolbox session that helps embed the safety messaging of fatigue management and providing tools to identify and manage fatigue in a safe and informed manner.

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Management Training Programs

Our management training programs include:

Effective Workplace Incident Management

 A four hour management and supervisor training training managerial and supervisory staff in the skills required to effectively manage an incident or accident in the workplace.

Specific incident scenarios included in the training are a Drug or Alcohol workplace matter,a  safety accident and a situation involving a series of minor misconduct matters. 

Skills include effective documentation, interviewing skills and legal considerations, investigation methods and legal considerations, reporting structures and objective situational management. 


Workplace Bullying, Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Management

All three of these management situations require a very different approach and methodology. We provide a structured approach to each of these issues with actual examples and case history. A management process is provided for each situation that can be followed easily at a future date with the guides and templates provided during the course. 

This course is a full 7 hour training course broken into a range of interesting and interactive tasks and simulations.


Security Training Programs

bTAQ CONSULTING - provide training and consultancy in the areas of:

  • Human Behaviour Awareness
  • FLAC - Human Behaviour Awareness & Negotiation
  • Human Behaviour Detection
  • Human Behaviour Resolution