Security Services

Executive Summary

As technology evolves rapidly, so too do the risks and vulnerabilities created by these new technologies. Security technology and services are now form multiple functions within an organisation. The CCTV camera that used to be a security device is now a valuable tool in the areas of customer service, marketing and human resources. The same camera can count customer flows, identify when queue lengths become too long, calling additional staff, identify a slip and fall incident and immediately call for help, trigger an alert when a gunshot or explosion is heard, identify regular customers, banned patrons and lost children, detect when High Visibility clothing is not worn in a safety sensitive area, in fact the operational capabilities of each technology device are incredible. 

Strategy & Assessment

Our team of industry experts can assess your current systems and assist you with the development of a Security Technology strategy. 

With the rapid obsolescence of capital technology investment it makes sound commercial sense to minimise future obsolescence by building a design and purchasing strategy based on "Open Archetecture Systems" and "Future ready" technologies. 

What does this mean? ensuring capital expenditure has clear guidelines that future proof capital purchases and position your organisation in a favourable position to take full advantage of new emerging technologies as they come available. 

The advantages of utilising Big Data,  AI, Deep Learning technologies and intelligent edge to edge IoT is expected to render the slow adopters uncompetitive and struggling to catch up. We have already seen this on a small scale with Taxis impacted by ride sharing, Retailers impacted by online stores and hotels/ motels impacted by house sharing services. Don't get caught behind ...


Perimeter Detection 

Security starts with the creation of multiple layers of security. The outer Layer is "PERIMETER DETECTION & DENIAL". Identifying intruders BEFORE they enter a property provides the opportunity to avert the threat on your terms.

Perimieter detection is not just ground based but can include: 

  • Aerial intrusion from Drones and UAV's, 
  • Network / Cyber Security breaches 
  • Tailgating through entry points
  • Effective Contractor & Visitor Management Systems
  • and obviously Staff trained to identify anyone already in an organisations property or buildings without appropriate access authority.

Drone Detection

Whilst new technologies provide new opportunities and capabilities for organisations, they also create new vulnerabilities and risks to health, safety, security and profitability of organisations. 
In Austrlaia Drones have been detected spying on business meetings and sports teams, providing surveillance for drug deals, dropping drugs and banned items into prisons, crashing into vehicles, helicopters and buildings, crashing into crowds and used to follow people. 
There is an immediate and very real threat for many organisations, this threat is often the chance of an innocent child or person accidentally flying their drone into a restricted area or posing a risk to safety and security without their knowledge. These industries include:
  • Correctional Instisutions (Prisons)
  • Airports 
  • Venues and Stadiums
  • Councils 
  • Electricity providers 
  • Military
  • Govrnment 
  • High Security locations and events

Integrated Systems

Organoisations have a wide range of technologies. When these technologies can talk together it creates a powerful increase in your operational capabilities, efficiency, profitability and safety & security. 

Point of Sale systems, Access control systems, CCTV systems, intelligent analytics and AI, SCADA and process control systems, building management systems, vehicle tracking systems, facial recognition and visitor management ... the list goes on. Integration of these systems enables intelligent operation of your business.


Facial Recognition

3D Facial Recognition is now extremely accurate. Recent trials run by Brassets Group at a major client site performed at 99.94% accuracy after just one day of setup and fine tuning. 

Applications include:

  • Identifying people with active arrest warrants BEFORE they enter your organisation
  • VIP management 
  • Banned people identification
  • Tracking offenders throughout a building or City
  • Access Control (Confirming the card holder is the person it was given to)
  • Finding lost children in a shopping center or venue
  • Customer Service 
  • Checking Queues at entry points
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Intelligent Analytics

When designed and implemented correctly, video and audio analytics identify security and safety incidents automatically, alerting security or management staff immediately. These incidents can include:

  • Backpack or objects left unattended
  • Something causing people to run away from something
  • Gunshots, explosions or a person screaming
  • Unauthorised entry
  • Queue lengths getting too long
  • Unauthorised vehicles in an area
  • People or vehicles loitering 
  • Slip and Fall detection ... plus many more scenarios

Venue & Event Security

Venues have a wide range of new technology tools available to them. These tools can be used to combat patron misconduct, improve Safety Security and Productivity. If core Technology systems are adequate these new technologies can easily bolt into existing systems. Imagine ...

  1. A child is lost in a venue... staff can simply take a photo from the parents phone and find where the child is in the venue, in the space of just seconds !
  2. A known violent offender that was banned from he venue years ago has been released from prison and returns but looks very different than the offender photo's ... the security system identifies him before he enters the venue and alerts security staff immediately !
  3. A security officer can walk past the queue's outside the venue and his body camera is scanning the people for banned patrons and persons with warrants for their arrest automatically. 
  4. Several people are involved in an incident. A single operator will struggle to track multiple people with a CCTV system, especially if they disperse in different directions. They are fully engaged tracking people which does not enable them to focus on managing the incident. Technology can automatically track each offender automatically freeing up the operator to manage the incident rapidly.
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Future Technologies

EDGE TO EDGE COMMUNICATION -Currently most technology devices communicate with a central system. New technologies are pushing the intelligence to the edge, this means that devices such as CCTV cameras can communicate with each other enabling capabilities such as:

  • Automatic tracking of all people and vehicles in a CCTV system. Therefor with a lost child search it is a simple matter of finding some footage of the child when they entered the facility and it can show you exactly where they are now.
DEEP LEARNING ENGINES - Normal verse abnormal behaviour is automatically learned by your CCTV system. Whilst a person running in an area may not be significant, if three people are running in the same direction an alert is automatically raised in the Security office. When systems operate with a neural engine they can identify unusual behaviour immediately. A simple example is a person who badges their access card every day around 9am and exits around 5pm, then on one occasion they enter the building at 11pm, this anomaly is automatically raised as an alert.

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