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Court Directed

Often people are required to complete a Drug /Alcohol test for a court related matter. Brassets Group provide Nationwide services including Hair and Urine Drug and Alcohol Testing. 

  • We provide discrete, professional services at very competitive prices. 
  • We provide help and assistance to ensure you receive the right test 
  • When required we provide interpretation reports from leading scientists
  • We go that extra mile to help you during what is often a difficult time
  • If you have Legal Aid funding we work directly with your legal representatives and/or Legal Aid. 


Job Requirement

Most employers require new recruits to undergo a drug and alcohol test before starting work, or before starting a new position within your organisation. 

Existing employees can require a Drug and Alcohol test prior to attending some work sites as part of their employers contract.

Brassets Group provide a fast professional service designed to get you onsite and working without delay. 



At Brassets group we work with families to help them through the difficult situation where a family member is suspected of, or battling a Drug or Alcohol problem.

There are a range of services offered by Brassets Group that can help with these sensitive areas:

  • Suspecting a family member of using drugs but not wanting to break the trust relationship you have with them by accusing them
  • Suspecting a child may be at risk from drug use or exposure to drugs
  • Wanting to verify a family members claim they are no longer misusing drugs
  • A family member wanting to prove they are not misusing drugs or alcohol
We have a full toolkit of products and services designed to help the many difficult family situations that arise with drug or alcohol misuse.

Drink Spiking

It is quite common for people to fall victim to drink spiking. 

Brassets Group have a range of professional services that can verify if a person has ingested drink spiking drugs. 

This is often a very sensitive and difficult time for a person. Our trained professional staff can guide you through a test that is confidential and discrete. 

The timeline for detection after a suspected drink spiking event is critical. Contact us as soon as possible after a suspected drink spiking to ensure the substance can be detected whilst there are still traces of the drug in your system.



Drug and Alcohol testing is often used for medical purposes. These can include:

  • Hair Drug testing of Alcohol ingestion for Liver Transplant waiting lists, 
  • Drug Testing for Rehabilitation assessment
  • Drug testing prior to being prescribed medications
  • Hair Drug Testing to determine the most appropriate Rehabilitation process
  • Monitoring drug levels