Hair Drug & Alcohol Testing


We offer the worlds leading Hair Drug and Alcohol test. We have a collection network of Pathology Clinics, Trained Drug and Alcohol Collectors, Doctors and our own facilites providing nationwide coverage.

As the regions leading Hair Drug and Alcohol testing providers, we provide the best test, at the best price supported by the industries leading Toxicologists and Scientists. 

We manage hundreds of Hair Drug and Alcohol tests every week throughout Australia. If you want the industries best, most robust and accurate Hair test ... Call Brassets and our collection partners.


Hair Drug & Alcohol Testing FAQ

Where is hair collected from ?

We prefer to take a hair sample of head hair however in the event the person has insufficient hair we can use body hair. 

How much hair is taken ?

We use the smallest amount of hair in the industry, we require the thickness of a pencil lead amount of hair. We take a small amount of hair from multiple locations so the hair collection is undetectable.

What if I have no hair ? 

We have other methods where we can complete the same test.

What identity documents do I require to get a Hair Drug or Alcohol Test?

We require current Photo ID that is Government Issued. This includes Drivers Licence, Passport, ASIC or MSIC Card, Proof of Age Card, Government Baseline or NV1 card.

What if I do not have ID?

If you don't have a current ID as stated above then call Brassets Group office on 1300 080 200 and we can assist you to obtain a signed declaration of Identity.

On some occasions we require a Photo of you to be taken, this photo is stored with your result until the information is deleted as per legal obligations every 7 years. 

How long does it take to get results?

Normally we provide results within 10 working days. With COVID impacts it may take as long as 12 working days after the sample collection.

How long does the test take? 

All that is required is some paperwork and the collection of a hair sample. All up this generally takes 5 to 10 minutes.

What is the detection timeframe?

This will vary on several factors, the length of hair, if the sample is body hair or head hair. Generally the detection timefrme is approximatley 3 months. 

What if I need expert opinion on my results? 

Our PhD Toxicologist can provide expert interpretation and analysis if required for a small additional fee. 

What drugs can be detected?

We have a large range of drug panels that cover all of the main drugs of abuse. 

What about medication?

We can identify the difference between drug misuse, illicit drug use and medication use. 

Can the use of alcohol based hand wash affect the test results of an EtG Alcohol test?


How can I arrange a Hair Drug or Alcohol test?

Simply click on the link or call us on 1300 080 200. 

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Can bleach or hair dyes impact the results?

Our Laboratory checks the hair and if it has been adulterated or chemically treated to the extent the drug test results could be compromised then the test is stopped. The results will be reported as Fatal Invalid with no result.

Can external factors impact the test results such as passive smoking or external contamination?

No, we eliminate external contamination and passive smoking from the results ensuring your results are indicative of what you have ingested during the detection period. It is because of this unique ability to eliminate external contamination that Police and Customs worldwide use the same Laboratory.


We provide a 24 hour response to verify drug or alcohol test results. It is not uncommon for people to pay for thier own test and modify the result. Brassets Group provide a results verrification service that will confirm if a Hair Test result is legitimate or has been altered. This critical service is provided free of charge.


Brassets Group easy payment plan ensures the worlds leading hair drug and alcohol tests are avaialble to everyone.

From as little as $30 per week we provide a flexible easily managed payment program. 

Results are not released until the final payment has been made. 


Most employers require new recruits to undergo a drug and alcohol test before starting work,or before starting a new position within their organisation. 

Our Hair Drug and Alcohol test checks the past three months of a candidates drug use. With advance notice of a Pre-Employment drug test, only a Hair test can remove the risk of the person cheating the test. 

We test Police, Airline Pilots, factory workers, child care workers... all workplaces benefit from ensuring the people you employ are Drug Safe. 

Benefits include increased productivity, reduces accidents and absenteeism.



Often people are required to complete a Drug /Alcohol test for a court related matter. Brassets Group provide Nationwide services including Hair and Urine Drug and Alcohol Testing. 

  • We provide discrete, professional services at very competitive prices. 
  • We provide help and assistance to ensure you receive the right test 
  • When required we provide interpretation reports from leading scientists
  • We go that extra mile to help you during what is often a difficult time
  • If you have Legal Aid funding we work directly with your Independant Childrens Lawyer (ICL) and/or Legal Aid. 


Return to Work Programs

Return to work programs benefit from the use of Hair Drug and Alcohol testing in many ways. Sectional hair analysis can provide patterns of use on a month by month basis. 

Employees returning to work can be assessed quarterly for a period as part of a management program to ensure illict drug use or substancve misuse is declining or ceased entirely. 

Hair drug and alcohol testing is also used to determine if failed Urine or Saliva drug tests are the result of one off use or a more serious problem. This enables managers to appropriately manage that emplyee with the right return to work program. 


Highly Sensitive Environments

Where staff are employed in High Risk or Highly Sensitive environments such as Police, Military, Aneasthetists, Ambulance officers, Fire Fighters, Elite Athletes etc, a clear mind is essential. Hair drug and alcohol testing is commonly used in these environments because the tests are virtually impossible to defeat, will identify patterns of drug and alcohol use and are used to identify people at risk BEFORE they are involved in an accident or incident. 

Brassets Group operate a High Security confidential program where each employee's name and details are not provided to the Laboratory or on record. Where confidentiality is essential our proven high security process assigns a unique number to each person that is tested. Only the Employer can identify who provided a Positive Drug Test result relates to.

Call Brassets Group on 1300 080 200 for further information.