Stop unauthorised entry BEFORE the breach occurs

Security technology has evolved into a powerful tool for organisations making workplaces safer, more secure and more productive. Todays technology systems identify issues BEFORE they come to the attention of management or security personnel. 

Without reliable perimeter detection, the security function is compromised. The first and primary layer of security for any site, is to identify intrusion at the perimeter. Perimieter detection systems connect easily to CCTV perimeter system to track and follow intruders automatically providing a powerful situational awareness.

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PREDICTIVE Security Management Systems

Imagine a system that manages alarms and incidents automatically, and those incidents that require management attention have on screen guidance through the correct procedures. Imagine a system that identifies issues BEFORE they become serious. This is a system that is designed with the operators in mind.Now with the internet of things and open architecture platforms multiple systems and devices can be fused to create events and alarms uniquely designed to each specific application.   

The world leader in Perimeter Detection

We often see large expensive Security Technology Systems with amazing features and capabilities, however when we ask the operators how they know an intruder has entered the facility it requires the chance occurence of a person being seen on a CCTV camera or a mobile guard being int he right place at the right time. 

Brassets Group represent the world leaders in Perimeter detection, with extensive experience in Nuclear Power Sites, Military Sites, Critical Infrastructure and high security applications. 

Intelligent identification and tracking

CCTV tracking systems are used for a range of security applications. Systems can identify intrusion and track offenders, automatically track staff at night as they walk to their vehicle to make sure they are safe through to full, high security military grade tracking along perimeter fencelines and waterways. 

Systems can be used to track lost children in shopping malls through to tracking multiple hostile threats within a facility.

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As organisations struggle to quantify the risk and identify what if any measures need to be implemented, Brassets Group have partnered with the worlds leading Drone detection experts and are providing world class detection and mitigation management solutions to the Asia Pacific region. 

Our simple three step process is clarifying the Drone debate for many of Australia's leading organisations. 


Sub Surface 

Unauthorised intrusion underwater is a specialised technology field. Brassets group have strong technology partnerships with some of the worlds leading providers of specialised detection systems. 

Underwater Diver and ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) detection systems can differentiate between fish, sharks, divers and ROV's generating an alert immediately.

Underwater intrusion systems are used by:

  • Oil Rigs
  • Shipping Companies
  • Naval Applications
  • Cruise Ship Companies
  • Government Sites
  • Airports
  • Critical Infrastructure