Workplace Theft 

Workplace theft and fraud is one of the more difficult areas for management teams to address. In many instances the offender is a trusted worked and friend. In most instances the suspected or identified theft is the tip of the iceberg. These matters also can be psychologically demanding as managers come to terms with the breach of trust and feelings of betrayal. 

In most workplaces, the thefts are never identified or even suspected.

The drivers for employee theft and fraud are wide ranging from, Drug addiction, Gambling debts, an entitlement mentality, inadequate policy and procedures, lack of accountability systems through to simple criminal behaviour.  

Brassets Group have a wealth of experience in the area of workplace theft and fraud investigation. Our services include a full compliment of investigative and specialist  tools to identify and manage these matters discretely in a highly effective manner. 

We offer an initial consultation at no cost. 

It is strongly recommend that managers consult experts BEFORE taking action, all too often we are bought in to a serious theft or fraud matter where internal attempts to resolve it have alerted the offender/s resulting in a significant increase in work required to investigate and resolve the matter.

Our Investigation tools include:Behavioural Detection Interviews, Pretext enquiries, Audits, Forensic Audits, Surveillance, Social Media Monitoring, IT investigation and a range of specialised methodologies. 


Workplace Bullying & Harassment

Our Investigations teams have completed a wide range of bullying and harassment situations. These investigations, although governed by factual investigation methods require a unique set of skills and techniques. 

Investigations often conclude with resolution of the matter and Brassets Group running Workplace toolbox sessions and management training sessions to provide clear boundaries for employees on what is acceptable behaviour and what is unacceptable behaviour. 

Our management training sessions then equipment managers and supervisors with the tools to identify and manage workplace bullying and harassment confidently and correctly.


Employee Misconduct

Employee Misconduct in workplaces is often left unless the behaviour is serious or must be resolved. Our specialist investigations team have a wealth of experience in employee misconduct matters. We turn the Grey, into Black and White. Often misconduct can appear difficult to address as the individual behaviours are minor. These behaviours can include, a lack of respect for a manager or supervisor, an employee or group causing disruption or dissent, a series of minor misconduct actions that in themselves do not constitute misconduct but when viewed collectively pose a significant problem. 

Investigations often conclude with resolution of the matter and Brassets Group running management training sessions that equipment managers and supervisors with the tools required to identify and manage workplace misconduct confidently and correctly.

Workplace Sexual Harassment

These matters are often raised after a problem is already significant, and poses a risk to organisational reputation and workplace culture.

Investigations into Workplace Sexual misconduct or inappropriate behaviours require a specialist skillset and proven guidelines and procedures.

We strongly recommend that all organisations provide annual Bullying and Harassment training that includes a Sexual Harassment module. 

There are several critical complexities in the management process. These include:

  • Ensuring the behaviour ceases immediately once bought to managements attention. In some instances this poses the complexity of not disadvantaging either party, especially when moving one party to another department or area. 
  • Ocasionally what was deemed acceptable behaviour by the complainant previously changed and now they deem the behaviour inappropriate.
  • The perpetrator can be unaware their behaviour is unacceptable.
  • External (outside of work hours) events can form part of the matter
  • Differing value systems among the employee cohort result in challenges during and after a reported incident.
These are the areas Brassets Group can help you navigate correctly.

We provide a no charge initial consultation.


Intellectual Property Theft

Past employees attacking your clients, existing employees passing information to competitors and confidential information leaking to the media are all areas of intellectual property theft. 

This is one of the most complex areas of commercial investigation. 

We offer a very unique and very effective selection of tools and methodologies to address these issues. Having managed some of the regions most significant Intellectual Property Theft matters ensures Brassets Group have an effective and Highly Confidential service that is second to none in this area. 

CONTACT BRASSETS and ask for the Investigations Manager 

Internal Healthcheck

A professional service designed to identify matters of internal theft, misconduct or risk. This service is provided by experts in their field. 

An audit and review of key metrics and precursor indicators will identify a wide range of problems in an organisation. In many instances organisations have an idea that "something is not quite right" but cannot place their finger on what is occurring.

Our internal healthcheck service is a discrete and effective method of bringing in industry specialists in a cost effective manner to provide oversight of key areas of your business that may identify issues before they rear their head in a serious manner.