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Unparelled Speed, Pinpoint Accuracy and Full Scalability to your Facial Recognition Application.


Aureus 3Dv (v for Video) is an easy to install and simple to use face matching application designed specifically for use in live, uncontrolled environments.

Aureus 3Dv is the world’s most advanced 3D Facial Recognition Software for use with conventional video and images, and featuring a fully integrated 3D reconstruction, pose correction, expression, and illumination neutralization toolset. Aureus 3Dv mitigates the real-world challenges to facial recognition created when security cameras are mounted in less-than-ideal locations.


Aureus 3Dv gains its facial recognition search advantage through its patented 3D modeling, sophisticated computer vision algorithms and trained machine intelligence that:

Identifies human subjects at a distance where the subject’s face is as little as 25 pixels high
Performs analysis and recovery of camera focus, head pose, quality and directions of light sources, facial expression, and security camera lens distortion
Executes 25 million template comparisons per second per 3.3GHz CPU
Provides Operator assisted gallery boosting to further refine existing galleries.

Powerful Solution

More detailed information on the performance of the Aureus platform can be found on our facial recognition technology page

Aureus 3Dv compensates for poorly positioned cameras that would render most facial recognition systems useless. Lines of sight which result in captured facial images turned away from the camera as much as 70 degrees side to side or 25 degrees up and down are smoothly transformed into 3D, reconstructed and pose, expression and illumination neutralized for optimal matching.


The 3Dv performs multiple frame analysis refining the identity assessment of a subject as new video frames are consumed and added to each tracked subject.

Aureus 3Dv ‘learns’ from subjects in motion when they travel through variations in illumination producing a more sophisticated comparison to the existing gallery.

Designed specifically to monitor video feeds, Aureus 3Dv provides an automated identity processing hub for organizations with identity management security requirements. Most amazing of all, Aureus 3Dv matches faces at a rate of over 25 million per CPU per second so it doesn’t even break a sweat given galleries of tens of millions of individuals.

More Info...

An integrated System

In Conjunction with C2P, Ocularis and the worlds leading Security management suite a comprehensive solution providing fast efficient Face Recognition with the following features:

  • VIP notification
  • Person of interest notification
  • Black list Alerts
  • Lost child rapid action 
  • Accurate Outdoor face recognition (difficult for the lower quality systems)
  • High Security Access Control 
  • Ability to identify intruders from historic video when casing your business
  • Full integration into existing systems