Drug & Alcohol Services

Workplace DAMP Programs 

Every organisation is unique, and as such their DAMP (Drug & Alcohol Management Program) differs. As well as ensuring the program is affordable and does not impeed operations it is vitally important it matches your organisations culture and core values. 

A program that includes employee training and awareness, a telephone helpline, support and rehabilitation ensures the outcome grows the workplace culture of safety and wellbeing. 

Brassets Group provide a complete solution set, from Policy & Procedure development to impementation, Drug & Alcohol testing, Pre-Employment screening, managing workplace drug & alcohol matters as they arise and rehabilitation & EAP programs.

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Personal Drug & Alcohol Testing Services

There are many reasons for Personal Drug testing, these include:

  •  Job application requirements
  • Custody requirements
  • Suspected Drink Spiking 
  • Return to work programs
  • Court dirtected tests
  • Medical requirements
  • Proof to a spouse or partner of abstinance
  • and many other reasons 

Brassets provide professional discrete Drug and Alcohol testing services in your home, workplace or in our offices as required. Drug tests can include Illicit Drugs, Synthetic Drugs and Anabolic Steroids if required.

We have many clients conducting regular drug and alcohol tests for court or legal purposes. Brassets can work with you to develop drug testing that does not impact your day to day obligations and at a cost that is affordable. 

To discuss your requirements in a confidential and professional manner call us on 1300 080 200 or send us a booking request  Book a Drug Test

Suspicious Substances

What do you do if you find a suspicious substance in your workplace or home that looks like an illicit drug? Brassets provide two services: 
  1. We can send a trained specialist to identify the substance for you. 
  2. We can provide you with a tester that can identify the substance. 
What you definately should not do is touch the substance, move the substance or transport it. It is important to idenitify the substance so that appropriate investigation and disposal of the substance can be conducted. 

If in a residential property where a family member may be involved you may want to test the substance with a tester before accusing somone close to you. Call Brassets Group on 1300 080 200 or contact us on:


Surfaces can be tested for Drug residue, this can be Lockers, clothing, equipment or any surface. Some of the applications include:

  • Workplace Lockers and surfaces
  • School lockers and surfaces
  • Childrens clothing and schoolbags
  • Rental property walls and surfaces
For substance test equipment or else book a substance test call Brassets Group on 1300 080 200 or contact us

Hair Drug & Alcohol Testing 

The most robust form of drug testing is Hair Drug & Alcohol testing. This method of testing identifies:

  • Drug use over a three month or longer period
  • Can provide a month by month drug use result including levels of ingestion
  • Can provide up to a one year drug history if required
  • Can detect Chronic Alcohol use
  • Can detect Synthetic drugs 
  • Is used by Courts, Police and Pre-employment screening companies
For more information call Brassets Group on 1300 080 200 or conatct us on Contact Us ... or book a Hair Drug Test on our Booking service:

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