About Us

Who are Brassets Group

Brassets Group are a 100%  Australian owned and operated group of companies providing specialist services to the Asia Pacific region for the past decade. We provide solutions to protect people, property and information. 
Our organisational objective is to impact society in a positive manner by making the world safer place. A percentage of our profits are returned to community projects in areas where we can make a difference, from providing technology to assist disabled children, drug and alcohol rehabilitation to subsidising services where the safety of children may be compromised. 
By protecting people, property and information we actively impact individuals and businesses in a positive manner that benefits the wider community. 
We partner with like minded organisations and individuals to deliver world class solutions to workplace problems, problems that involve people, property, safety and security. 


Our experience includes senior collections staff to Medical professionals and Scientists, Brassets Group assist our clients with the regions leading experts. This ensures you receive the latest, most effective solutions in a cost effective manner. 

Our aim is to improve our clients Safety, Security and Profitability. When the best of the best are on your team, your future looks bright. 

Stephen Brass


Scott Dunemann


Deborah Brass


Rick Hyde

Group General Manager

Dr Michelle Williams

PhD Toxicologist

Jacky Stickler

Client Services Director

Morgan Brass


James Brass


Chelsea Porter

Compliance Manager
(B.Crim, BCJ)

Toxicology Advice

Our Toxicologists provide expert advice and interpretation ensuring your decisions are based on science and facts. The strength of any DAMP (Drug and Alcohol Management Program) is reliant on receiving the best advice and support when it counts. At Brassets Group we pride ourselves in ensuring you receive this level of support each and every time you use our services. 

Backed by our leading Investigations team Positive Drug test results, incidents and accidents can be managed by a single world class service combining teams specialising in a wide range of disciplines to investigate, support and manage any situation that may arise.

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We are proud to provide world class security consultancy services including: 

  • Technology Vulnerability assessments, 
  • Security technology Strategy Development, 
  • Technology System design, 
  • High Level Project Management, 
  • Project Procurement 
  • Completed Project Assessment and Signoff.
By focusing on clearly defined operational objectives, systems can be designed based on achieving your goals and requirements.

By utilising independent industry experts you are assured your security and safety technology procurements run on budget, on time and are installed correctly.